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HigherSchool Publishing began in 2002 when it published The Parent’s Guide to Better Grades, 7 Steps to Improve Your Child’s Academic Performance, written by David Irving. Beginning with the Chicago Public Schools this instructional guide has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s study habits, organizational skills, and academic performance. Over 50,000 copies of The Parent’s Guide were purchased by the schools.

HigherSchool Tutoring was formed in 2004 to provide Supplemental Educational Services (SES), under The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), to help students attending underperforming Title I schools. We helped them build a foundation in basic skills and provided the tools for them to perform on grade level. By 2012, the last year of SES implementation, we had provided tutoring or instruction in school districts in Detroit, Baltimore, Baltimore County, Prince George’s County, and Washington DC.

HigherSchool Instructional Services was created in 2009 to provide supplemental services to Title I students attending non-public schools in New York City and Philadelphia. During the next eleven years our program grew to become the second-largest provider of instructional services to Title I students in New York.

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In 2016 we created CollegeReadyMath, an essential tool to embed key algebra concepts by delivering lessons one concept at a time, one step at a time. It was designed to help high school students who struggle with algebra, the gatekeeper to all high school and college math courses; and to help college-bound students score higher on their college math placement exams.


We would to thank Dr. John Squires for his assistance in the formulation of the CollegeReadyMath Program.

Dr. John Squires is a nationally recognized expert in College and Career Readiness. He has taught college mathematics for over 25 years, and he served as the Math Department Chair at Cleveland State Community College and Head of the Math Department at Chattanooga State Community College. Dr. Squires also served as the Director of College and Career Readiness for the Southern Regional Education Board from 2015 to 2019, working with states to create programs to improve student readiness in literacy and mathematics. Dr. Squires has worked with national organizations on a number of educational issues including corequisite remediation, college readiness courses, transitional courses (English and math), math redesign, career pathways, policy work, data collection and analysis, and building sustainable, comprehensive programs for systems and states.

He has written articles and papers for Inside Higher Education, Huffington Post, and New Directions in Institutional Research. He served as a coauthor for the 2016 IES What Works Clearinghouse Practice Guide on Developmental Education, and he wrote a chapter for Purdue University’s Transforming Institutions: Undergraduate STEM Education for the 21st Century. His work has been featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education and the effectiveness of his programs have been documented by Vanderbilt and Harvard University.

Dr. Squires has a Ph.D. in Leadership from the University of the Cumberlands, a Master of Science in Mathematics from the University of Tennessee, a Master of Arts in Teaching from Drake University, and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Iowa State University.


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