College Math Placement Test

60% of college-bound students aren’t ready for college-level math. 

Are YOUR Students Ready?

Less than half of all college students who take a remedial math course will graduate.

Students who achieve a low score on the college math placement test will be required to take a remedial math course in college. Remedial math courses are non-credit bearing and usually increase the length of time in college which will reduce their available financial aid.

How Can CollegeReadyMath help Improve Placement Test Scores?

What It Does

Allows teachers to
differentiate instruction
in mixed ability

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Builds confidence
in students
as their math
ability increases

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Reinforces concepts
previously learned
but possibly forgotten

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Designed to teach
algebra in a
flipped learning

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Visually describes
using easy to
understand examples

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Provides unlimited
access for
lesson review

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What It Provides

A User friendly Reporting Dashboard

CollegeReadyMath Dashboard Reporting Features

Reporting Dashboard includes:

A Program Designed For A New Generation Of Math Learners

Highly Engaging Lessons

Highly engaging and insightful lessons that can be completed in minutes. Your students can be anywhere and learn – at home, on the bus, in the bleachers – whenever and wherever they want.

Available On All Devices

We know your children are tech savvy. That’s why we created CollegeReadyMath to be accessible on all devices, even Xbox and PlayStation.

Diagnostic Assessments

Our diagnostic assessment is designed to determine your children’s math competency and to identify the specific math skills they need in order to improve.

Micro Video Lessons

We understand how the brain captures and retains information, so each lesson is delivered in bite sized chunks allowing children to learn more efficiently.

We help students acquire the skills to succeed

Here Are Just Some Of The Topics We Cover

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