Supplemental Algebra Programs for Middle and High Schools

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Whether they are introduced to algebra in the eighth or the ninth grade, students must first establish a foundation in essential algebraic concepts if they are to solve math problems in high school and college. Without these skills, subsequent math courses will remain a challenge.

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CollegeReadyMath was created to help middle and high school students improve their math skills, one concept at a time.

What is CollegeReadyMath

CollegeReadyMath is a supplemental algebra program created from a highly regarded college math curriculum that focuses on developing algebra skills, one concept at a time.

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District level, leaders are responsible for maintaining academic excellence in all of their schools. With algebra scores at an all-time low students, especially underserved students, benefit from supplemental algebra programs that work with existing vertically aligned curriculum. Known as the “gateway to math success,” understanding foundational algebra skills will directly impact a student’s math success. Implementing the CollegeReadyMath program in your middle and high schools will help to build the skills needed for current and future math growth.

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Administrators, leaders and teachers are critical to student achievement. In particular, algebra, known as the “gateway to math success,” is critical to student’s math development. With many students struggling to understand foundational algebra skills, students today are often significantly behind in their mathematics grade level. When supplemented with a math teacher’s lesson, CollegeReadyMath builds algebra skills once concept at a time for student achievement.

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Algebra I Intervention Program
Algebra I State Assessment Program
College Math Placement Test Program
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Algebra I Intervention Program

The CollegeReadyMath Algebra I Intervention Program will help middle and high school students build a solid foundation in the essential skills needed to succeed in high school and college algebra.

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Algebra I State Assessment Program

The CollegeReadyMath Algebra I State Assessment Program is a math program designed to prepare high school students to succeed on their State Algebra I exam.

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College Math Placement Test Program

The CollegeReadyMath College Math Placement Test Program supports college bound students by helping them embed the essential algebra skills needed to achieve algebra proficiency..


CollegeReadyMath was developed for middle and high school students who are underperforming in math and struggling with basic algebra skills. Often described as the “gateway to math success,” basic algebra skills are crucial for future math success. Students who have used CollegeReadyMath have shown significant improvements in both state level and college placement tests, by building their algebra skills one concept at a time. We’re here to help students because we know they can do better, our numbers prove it.


Keystone Pilot Results

91% of students improved by more than 20%

48% improved more than 50%

CollegeReadyMath implemented a pilot program in Philidelphia for 9th grade students in advance of the Keystone State Algebra I Exam.

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Powerful Algebra

To support student learning, CollegeReadyMath programs include four main components:

Adaptive Assessments

that identifies course content in order to improve student weakness.

Professional Learning

to help teachers learn pedagogical approaches that engage students to become active learners.

Instructional Routines

that promote conceptual understanding leading to procedural fluency.

Performance Metrics

provides faculty with KPIs to measure and analyze student performance.

“CollegeReadyMath is a Great program. It should be included as part of the curriculum starting at the beginning of the school year.

The videos can be paired with the concepts that are being taught in Algebra I. The length of the videos were just enough to keep the attention of the students and for mastering the concepts. When we incorporated the notetaking along with the videos it was an added plus for the students to retain the information. The practice problems were a great review. We were glad to have an opportunity to use the program with the class.”

Rhonda Baker, Math Teacher at Dobbins High School

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