Supplemental Algebra Program

Algebra is the gatekeeper for high school and college math courses

Is your Child Prepared?

We understand that more and more children are struggling while remote learning, especially with math.

We Help Your Children Before they Fail
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Here’s What Happy Children Are Saying

I liked that the lessons are short, simple, and easy to understand. I really enjoy CollegeReadyMath!

K. Murray

I liked how there were notes in addition to the videos for each lesson. Also, the many practices problems before, during and after each lesson.

S. Aaron

I like that I can go back and redo what I did not do correctly.

S. Shehata

Is your child struggling with virtual learning?

Our Supplemental Algebra program is perfect for your child …

Let us help your child improve their math skills with our easy to understand lessons.

We help your children improve their math skills with our easy to understand lessons!

We understand the stress you, as parents are experiencing watching your children struggle to learn during this Covid environment. Without the support, school provides their ability to learn effectively is difficult. CollegeReadyMath can help. By teaching one concept at a time we break down difficult algebra problems into sections with each section building on the previous one. Learning becomes easier, helping to minimize your stress.

Our Supplemental Algebra Program provides

  • Over 60 video micro lessons
  • All lessons are aligned to state standards
  • Each delivering one concept at-a-time
  • Designed for children in the digital world
  • Taught in bite sized chunks
  • Accessible on all mobile devices
  • A diagnostic assessment
  • Study Guides for each lesson
  • A pool of over 1500 practice problems
  • Learning objectives for each concept

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Price - $79.00 15% Off is Now $68.00

A Supplemental Algebra program designed to help your child in a Virtual Learning environment

  • Highly Engaging Lessons

    Highly Engaging Lessons

    Highly engaging and insightful lessons that can be completed in minutes. Your children can be anywhere and learn – at home, on the bus, in the bleachers – whenever and wherever they want.

  • 5 – Minute Micro Lessons

    5 – Minute Micro Lessons

    We understand how the brain captures and retains information, so each lesson is delivered in bite sized chunks allowing children to learn more efficiently.

  • Available on Multiple Devices

    Available on Multiple Devices

    We know your children are tech savvy. That’s why we created CollegeReadyMath to be accessible on all devices, even Xbox and PlayStation.

  • Diagnostic Assessment

    Diagnostic Assessment

    Our diagnostic assessment is designed to determine your children’s math competency and to identify the specific math skills they need in order to improve.

What is CollegeReadyMath?

  • A supplemental math program created to help homeschooled students with 8th and 9th grade Algebra
  • A transitional math program designed to help prepare graduating students for the transition from high school to college Algebra
  • A test prep course to help college bound students improve their math placement score, which will reduce or eliminate the remedial math requirement once they enter college
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Price - $79.00 15% Off is Now $68.00

Our Mission

We help your children acquire the math skills to succeed.

Why is CollegeReadyMath the perfect solution to help children understand algebra in a virtual environment?

  • Efficient


    Based on assessment results we identify weak areas and then assign the specific lessons designed to improve math skills and build a firm foundation.

  • Easily Accessible

    Easily Accessible

    Broadly accessible across all devices – desktops, tablets, smartphones, and even Xbox and PlayStation.

  • Easy to Understand

    Easy to Understand

    Designed to reinforce core math skills. Lessons are presented one concept at a time and then explained step-by-step to insure mastery of each skill.

  • Effective


    We identify where children are weak in math and then focus on improving those skills.

  • Engaging


    Our concise video lessons are designed to keep students focused and engaged. Developed using research that identified the most effective way the brain absorbs information.

  • Economical


    CollegeReadyMath is priced affordably so that everyone can participate regardless of economic status. We want everyone to benefit.

We have what you’re looking for

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Price – $79.00 15% Off is Now $68.00