Algebra I State Assessment Program

Preparation begins with CollegeReadyMath

Algebra proficiency, as determined by state assessment scores, has declined dramatically on top of already unacceptable levels. These scores are especially low among underserved students. CollegeReadyMath will diagnose the extent of a students’ math skills and then provide the lessons needed to build a greater understanding of the underlying algebra concepts. We help students develop the skills needed to achieve improved test scores.

We created CollegeReadyMath as an effective approach to learn algebra. It was created to help underserved high school students understand and then embed essential algebra concepts. We accomplish this through the delivery of foundational algebra concepts explained visually through supplemental video lessons.


The National Assessment of Educational Progress showed that student performance in math has dropped so precipitously that it has erased two decades of progress (Education Week, October 28, 2022). It seems every time we turn around we are faced with discussions on how students in America are underperforming in math and algebra. What does this mean for students across the country? Educators are trying, to the best of their ability, to give our students the knowledge they need in the classroom. Supplemental programs are a viable option to augment existing classroom instruction. CollegeReadyMath was developed specifically for these students. With the understanding that algebra is the gateway to math success, we created our interactive, micro-video lessons to help middle school, high school and college students improve their foundational algebra skills one concept at a time.

We provide effective intervention support, through easy-to-understand supplemental, online algebra videos. Pilot program results have shown 91% of students score 20%-180% higher from pre to post tests

Here Is What Students Have To Say About CollegeReadyMath

Saniah A.


“I liked how there were notes in addition to the videos for each lesson. Also, the many practices problems before, during and after each lesson.”


Alexis R.


“CollegeReadyMath helped me through things I didn’t understand.”


Abdullah B.


“I like that it’s easy to use and in-depth it has a very easy to understand interface and is easy to go on and practice with overall it helps me prepare for my math final.”


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