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A recent study by McKinsey & Company states that students in K-12 are now, at least, an additional five months behind in math. This is on top of an already existing gap between higher and lower-performing students. CollegeReadyMath helps students build their algebra skills one concept at a time, through easy-to-understand supplemental, online algebra videos. Pilot program results have shown 91% of students score 20%-180% higher from pre to post tests

CollegeReadyMath and Keystone Pilot Test Results

CollegeReadyMath implemented our Algebra I State Assessment Program as a pilot program in preparation for the Keystone exam.

In a pilot study in the 2018-2019 pre-pandemic school year, CollegeReadyMath programs were used in a urban district’s lowest ranked high schools for 9th grade students. Prior to use of CollegeReadyMath, these school’s test results showed that 57% to 98% of students in 21 high schools were not proficient in algebra.

Our review affirmed that student performance continued to decrease as the percentage of students deemed not proficient rose to 77% to 100%, respectively, during the 2020-2021 school year.

To prove the effectiveness of CollegeReadyMath, we conducted a pilot program to help students in advance of their State Algebra Exam. Historically, only 2% of students had achieved proficient status on previous state exams.

Our documented pilot study, which measured growth from pre to post-test showed that 91% of students tested improved by at least 20%, and almost half of all students improved by more than 80%.

Our results prove that when students improve their understanding of algebra concepts their assessment scores improve, as well.

CollegeReadyMath Keystone Pilot Test Results

91% scored 20+% higher

48% scored 50+% higher


“We believe the greatest impact we can have on a student’s academic experience is to ensure they are proficient in algebra – the gateway to math success.”

– David Irving, Founder, CollegeReadyMath

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