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We want students to learn college math as soon as they begin college, not spending their time and money stuck in remedial classes. CollegeReadyMath will give students the base knowledge in algebra they need to advance in college, confident in their ability to participate and advance towards graduation.
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We created the College Math Placement Test Program as an effective approach to help college-bound students embed foundational algebra concepts through the delivery of supplemental videos.


Nationally, 59 percent of students who enroll in community colleges place into developmental math courses, and 33 percent who enroll in public four year colleges do so as well. These students are considerably less likely to earn a degree. One solution to this problem is to make sure that students graduate high school prepared for college-level work. States and localities have therefore begun to develop high school transition curricula as a means of reducing the number of students who require remediation in college. (Community College Research Center, Research Brief, December 2018)

We provide effective transitional algebra programs that improve algebra comprehension through our easy-to-understand algebra videos.

Our Pilot Study Results

CollegeReadyMath focuses on instruction of foundational topics. Experienced, award-winning educators wrote the curriculum and arranged topics so that students will progress through pre-algebra concepts like absolute values and integers, to higher algebra topics such as graphing and solving equations. Self-paced students watch 4- to 7-minute instructional videos and then are assessed using samples of standardized assessment questions. There are 24 topic lessons in the CollegeReadyMath college preparation pathway. A total of sixty-five topic lessons were created with 24 identified to be the most relevant for college preparation.

Since CollegeReadyMath is self-paced, the supplement can be used by teachers as additional review for students as they prepare for high school assessments and college preparedness. The topics can be integrated into the curriculum for instructional reinforcement or as a summarized test preparation.


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Here Is What Students Have To Say About CollegeReadyMath

Khalaya M.


“In my opinion, CRM has lessons that are shorter and simpler but still understandable. Khan Academy was confusing to me.”


Shaymaa S.


“I like CollegeReadyMath because I can go back and redo what I did not do correctly”


Faatimah L.


“CRM was more interesting than Khan Academy. It was a new experience.”


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