5 Tips for Improving Your Child’s Math Skills When Homeschooling

As a concept we encounter from the day we begin to notice the things around us, it goes without saying that algebra is a fundamental component of our lives. Noteworthy, it does not only apply when learning algorithm in class, it also helps to improve our cognitive development so we can make a better sense of life as we grow. In any case, algebra is the gateway to high school and college math courses and plays a significant role in determining children’s educational and career pursuits. As such, parents ought to invest more time and resources to help children improve their understanding of algebra, especially if they are homeschooling.

Many people tend to view math from a negative perspective, while others develop anxiety just by hearing the word ‘algebra.’ However, there are various approaches you can use as a parent to make the subject easy and accessible. Here we highlight a few you can implement at home –

1. Identify problem areas

Math is quite a broad subject that needs lots of effort to successfully master the fundamental concepts, and it can even be more so children. This means that you need first to identify the areas that children are struggling in so you can work on them first before moving on to the next. While here, avoid dealing with multiple topics at once as this will only confuse the child, thus making the subject seem even more difficult. 

It is advisable to let the child identify the areas they are struggling in so you can have a starting point when approaching the subject. Furthermore, you can always consult home school programs for further guidance. 

2. Practice more often

Practicing math with your child every night can go a long way in helping them comprehend the basic as well as the more complex concepts thereof. Practicing goes beyond ensuring your child completes their homework; being involved by guiding and offering support when appropriate is what will ensure that they have a better understanding of algebra. For instance, completing a few sums or even a topic every night will help to reinforce what the child has been learning, and this will make even the more difficult topics appear easy to handle.


3. Use different approaches to make math fun

In most cases, children fail in math because they hold a negative perspective toward it. It has been proven that by changing your approach in how you teach the subject, your child can begin to see math from a new lens; you can consider incorporating fun by using puzzles, word-related math problems, and downloadable applications. This way, the child will begin to look beyond the complexity of the subject and see it through the fun side.

You can look for sites and other additional math resources that offer the best homeschool math curriculum for struggling students. For instance, our product, CollegeReadyMath is designed to help break down math concepts for easier understanding. You will indeed find something worth introducing to your child to make them more adept in algebra. 

4. Incorporate technology

You can also use technology to make learning algebra easier for children; the internet offers many opportunities for children to learn new things, and in the process, advance their knowledge of math. For instance, there are sites where they can access math games and riddles which simplify complex concepts. You can also use the various applications developed specifically to teach algebra. In any case, children are tech-savvy and can benefit greatly by using tools they are conversant with.

5. Adopt a positive attitude

Having a negative attitude and mindset toward mathematic can affect how your child views algebra: children typically tend to imitate their parents, and as we know, negativity can be more easily adopted than positivity. Therefore, try to be positive toward math when you are around your child to help curb the anxiety they might harbor. More importantly, let them know that through dedication and effort, math can become just as easy as other subjects


When you endeavor to homeschool math, remember that your approach towards it can have a significant impact on how your child views algebra. For this reason, make sure to remain positive all the time and you can be guaranteed of positive results at the end of it.