Are Your Students, or Is Your Child, Struggling with Algebra? We Have the Formula For Success!

Teacher Observing Students Working in Class

October 4, 2022


Math is a challenge for many students, and Algebra is often the subject they struggle with the most. Algebra I is among the courses with the highest failure rates in high school, while College Algebra is viewed as a gateway course in higher education. Students that fail Algebra I in the 9th grade of high school dropout at higher rates, and students that struggle with College Algebra their freshman year in college graduate at significantly lower rates. 

Algebra, then, is the lynchpin to success in both high school and college, and this has been confirmed by several national studies. Fortunately, there is help available for students that struggle with Algebra. Whether you are a school principal concerned about your students, a parent with a child struggling in math, or a student who needs to improve their math skills, success is within reach thanks to the Supplemental Algebra Program from CollegeReadyMath.

The concepts that students experience the most difficult are algebraic symbols, equations and graphs, applications, and word problems, as well as an overall fear of math. With additional academic support like the CollegeReadyMath Algebra Program students can improve their math skills and succeed in both high school and college.


Many students struggle with notation(s) in algebra, especially variables. Using letters like x and y to represent unknown quantities can be a confusing concept, and it takes time to become comfortable with manipulating them. The key to gaining confidence in dealing with variables is practice, which supplemental instruction can easily provide.


Solving equations and graphing lines are among the primary concepts in Algebra and acquiring these foundational skills will be needed in both high school and college courses. Algebra builds upon itself, and students need to conquer the foundational skills of solving equations and graphing lines before tackling more advanced concepts.


“How am I going to use this?” is a frequent refrain among math students. Yet, math is used both in everyday life and in complex, technical applications. When students are exposed to real-world applications, they are able to see the connections between math and the world around them.


Fear of math is not uncommon and can be a stumbling block to success. However, like any other skill, students can improve their understanding of mathematics and algebra. When topics are broken into bite-size chunks and practice is combined with immediate feedback, students are less overwhelmed, helping them to gain confidence in their ability to solve math applications.

The Supplemental Algebra Program from CollegeReadyMath is designed to address each of these areas, giving students the skills they need to succeed in Algebra I and College Algebra. This innovative program offers bite-sized learning through microlessons tailored to meet individual student needs. Because individual lessons are available on-demand, and can be completed in a short time period, learning algebra becomes manageable and convenient. This unique approach allows students to gain confidence in their math skills without becoming overwhelmed. By completing the Supplemental Algebra Programstudents can improve their algebra skills in just a few weeks, experiencing success in math they never thought possible.

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