Algebra I Intervention

The gateway to math success

To succeed in algebra requires an understanding of the underlying concepts. This understanding establishes the foundation students need not just for algebra but for subsequent math courses, as well. CollegeReadyMath will help your students embed these essential algebra concepts.

We created CollegeReadyMath as an effective approach to learn algebra. It was created as an accelerated math tool to help underserved high school and college students embed essential algebra concepts. We accomplish this through the delivery of foundational algebra concepts explained visually through supplemental video lessons.


A recent study by McKinsey & Company states that students in K-12 are now, at least, an additional five months behind in math. This is on top of an already existing gap between higher and lower-performing students. CollegeReadyMath was designed as a supplemental math program to help close the gap and provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in math.

We provide effective intervention support, through easy-to-understand supplemental, online algebra videos. Pilot program results have shown 91% of students score 20%-180% higher from pre to post tests

Our Pilot Study Results

In a pilot study in the 2018-2019 pre-pandemic school year, CollegeReadyMath implemented our programs in an urban district’s lowest ranked high schools. These school’s test results showed that 57% to 98% of students in 21 high schools were not proficient in algebra.

Our review affirmed that student performance continued to decrease as the percentage of students deemed not proficient rose to 77% to 100%, respectively, during the 2020-2021 school year.

To prove the effectiveness of CollegeReadyMath, we conducted two separate pilot programs to help students in advance of their State Algebra Exam. Historically, only 2% of students had achieved proficient status on their state exam.

Our documented pilot study, which measured growth from pre to post-test showed that 91% of students tested improved by at least 20%, and almost half of all students improved by more than 80%.

Our results prove that when students improve their understanding of algebra concepts their assessment scores improve, as well.

Keystone Pilot Results

91% scored 20+% higher

48% scored 50+% higher


Here Is What Students Have To Say About CollegeReadyMath

Saniah A.


“Unlike Khan Academy, CRM has notes you can copy down and when an answer to a problem is incorrect it lets you know automatically and tells you how to do the problem without you having to use hints.”


Karema J.


“I use CollegeReadyMath because it was easy for me and I understand it better than others.”


Abdullah B.


“I like that it’s easy to use and in-depth. It has a very easy to understand interface and is easy to go on and practice. Overall it helps me prepare for my math final.”


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