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The CollegeReadyMath Pennsylvania Algebra Keystone Exam Prep Program is directly aligned to the Keystone Eligible Content and is designed to help students boost their Algebra  Keystone Exam scores.

CollegeReadyMath is effective because it delivers one key concept at a time through engaging bite-sized, video lessons. Research proves that students learn and retain information more readily in this manner.

CollegeReadyMath gives students the freedom, flexibility, and convenience to access their micro video-based math lessons whenever and wherever - and as often as they need.

School-based remote learning often has challenges related to online accessibility and rigid timelines for a large number of students. CollegeReadyMath eliminates these limitations by enabling access to our lessons via a smartphone with readily available wireless data connectivity.

Empowering students to LEARN on their own terms

Here are just a few of the concepts we cover in our Algebra Keystone Exam Prep Program

Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

In this lesson, we take an algebraic expression, and evaluate it for different values.  When we are asked to "evaluate" an algebraic expression, we are told which numbers the letters stand for. Then, to figure out the value of the entire expression, we simply replace each letter with the number it represents.

Function Notation, Domain, and Range

In this lesson we learn to use function notation and identify the domain and range of a function. Function notation, such as f(x),  is a way of writing equations that lets you see more easily the relationship between x and y.  The domain is the set of possible input values of a function, and the range is the set of output values obtained from a function.

Linear Functions

In this lesson you will apply what you’ve learned about functions to linear equations. A linear function is an equation with a constant slope. In other words, its graph looks like a line. For a linear equation, any real number is a valid input, from negative infinity to positive infinity and all the points in between. The range, or the possible output for a linear equation is also all real numbers. There is one exception: the constant function.

Simplifying Rational Expressions

This is the first lesson on rational expressions. In a rational expression, the numerator and denominator can each be an integer, a monomial or a polynomial. The denominator, however, can never be equal to zero. In general, we can simplify rational expressions with the same rules we use to simplify rational numbers.

is Perfect for your students


Our bite-sized video lessons are designed to keep students focused and engaged based on how they acquire information in the 21 century.


Our assessment identifies a student’s strengths and weaknesses and then assigns specific lessons to address that weakness.


Lessons are presented one concept at a time with step-by-step explanations that incorporate research that identifies the most effective way the brain absorbs information.

Easy to Understand

Designed to reinforce core math skills. Lessons are presented one concept at a time and then explained step-by-step to ensure mastery of each skill.


Accessible on all devices – desktops, tablets, smartphones, and even Xbox and PlayStation.


CollegeReadyMath is priced affordably within your school’s discretionary purchasing limits.

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